Friday, June 24, 2011

Stark House Update from Greg Shepard

Hello, Everyone—

Advance copies of the Day Keene books are going out now. Not only do they contain three of Keene's most entertaining thrillers, Dead Dolls Don‘t Talk, Hunt the Killer, and Too Hot to Hold, but they contain another all-new introduction by the one and only David Laurence Wilson. David's introductions have been an immensely popular and beneficial feature of many Stark House books, and in this one he talks a lot about the "Big Three" in Florida: friends Harry Whittington, Gil Brewer, and of course, Day Keene. In fact, we're preparing an interview with David for a future newsletter and we're very excited.

From his newest piece, "Day Keene: The Pro's Pro" David gives us:

Day Keene was one of the big three, The Triumvirate. In the nineteen fifties, along the Florida Gulf Coast, it was Keene, Harry Whittington, and Gil Brewer who formed the Great Trio of postwar American crime fiction.


They were almost a conspiracy. They wrote about sex and crime, corruption and violence. It was a high level of problem solving including the greatest problem of all: how to stay alive. Sometimes their books were awkward or unattractive but they all kept going, one plot after another, millions of words. Three big producers with over 300 novels between them, nearly all of them paperback originals.

Crime Club members will get their books shipped automatically, and everyone else can look for the book to be released in July.

And here's a quck peek at what we've got scheduled for the near future. We'll have more to say about these wonderful books and writers as we go, but for now, check these out:

SEPT 11: The Cheaters/Dial “M” for Man– Orrie Hitt

JAN 12: Rapture Alley/A Taste of Desire/Strictly for the Boys—Harry Whittington

APRIL 12: Come Easy Go Easy/In a Vain Shadow—James Hadley Chase

JULY 12: Rough Riders—Charlie Stella

OCT 12: The Sun Worshippers/Yellowleg—A. S. Fleischman

JAN 13: The Unfinished Clue/Girl Who Had to Die—Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Yes, that's a NEW Charlie Stella, his first since our release of his tour de force novel Johnny Porno.

That's all for now. We'll be back at you sooner rather than later with some more entertaining and exciting features. If you're not a member of our Crime Book Club, sign up now to get each book shipped to you automatically and take advantage of the special discount for new members to fill out your collection of back list titles.

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Rick Ollerman
Associate Editor,
Stark House Press

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