Thursday, June 23, 2011

Forgotten Books: Redemolished -- Alfred Bester

I saw this one on eBay and couldn't resist. Why? Because when I was a kid I read The Demolished Man and The Stars my Destination and the top of my head flew off. They're still two of my favorite SF novels, and some of Bester's short stories affected me the same way ("Fondly Fahrenheit," another all-time personal favorite, to name just one). So this collection just seemed to have my name on it. In addition to stories, this book contains Bester's interviews Heinlein, Asimov, Rex Stout, and Woody Allen; essays; the deleted prologue from The Demolished Man, and lots of other good stuff. A complete ToC can be found here. If you're a Bester fan like me, you'll want this book.


George said...

You're right. I do want this. I've never seen it before! Thanks again for bringing these obscure books to our attention!

Jerry House said...

I read this one a couple of months ago. Great book!

Bud said...

Thanx for the info! Will get.