Tuesday, June 07, 2011

2011 Robert E. Howard Days

2011 Robert E. Howard Days to Celebrate Several Milestones: "It’s that time again and Conan fans from all over will gather in the town of Cross Plains, Texas June 10-11 to honor Robert E. Howard’s works and life.
Robert E. Howard Days 2011 will be held Friday and Saturday, June 10-11th. Howard History will be the theme, celebrating four anniversaries: 100 years of Cross Plains, 75 Years honoring the legacy of Robert E. Howard, 50th Anniversary of the 1st publication of Glenn Lord’s seminal REH Publication: The Howard Collector, and the 25th Anniversary of the first REH Days."


Scott Cupp said...

I am planning on being there.

Rusty said...

Glad to hear it, Scott, I'll look forward to seeing you!