Friday, June 10, 2011

The 10 Best Films With No Plot

The Ten Best Films With No Plot |


Anonymous said...

Ten films with no plot, absolutely. Ten best, not so much.

Lost in Translation? Eh.
Barcelona? Pretty but blah.
My Dinner with Andre? I'd rather have pizza.


Randy Johnson said...

Hard for me to judge. I've only seen half of one of them(American Graffiti).

SB said...

Good movies in some cases. Some of these (about three) I've never had a chance to find. I really like LOST IN TRANSLATION, but probably because it's about relationships. DAZED AND CONFUSED and probably GRAFFITI were good in the fact that they are about nostalgia, kids still wanting to hold on to those forgotten days of youth and so on. CLERKS, lewd but good overall I think.

SB said...

French filmmakers, a few by Ingmar Bergman, and Jarmusch films like STRANGER THAN PARADISE might also be part of a longer list of such films, I think.