Tuesday, April 05, 2011

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Interesting Books to Your Attention

Mike Nevins, who wrote the introduction to this collection of two novels by William Ard, is a convincing guy. After hearing his presentation on Ard at a long-ago Bouchercon, I rushed into the dealers' room and bought a bunch of Ard novels. Now you can get a couple of them (The Perfect Frame and .38 aka You Can't Stop Me) by mail, both in one volume from Ramble House, with a classic Nevins intro thrown into the mix.

"In 1951 William Ard, in response to the wave of sadism and cruelty that was personified in the novels of Mickey Spillane, introduced Timothy Dane, a kinder, gentler PI. He set the tone for a series of Timothy Dane mysteries and Ramble House is proud to be bringing them back, two at a time, for all the young readers who may have missed the great William Ard. It's also for us oldsters who remember reading Ard the first time but can't easily find the rare Monarch and Popular Library vintage paperbacks.

Read Francis M. Nevins' informative introduction to see why William Ard matters and why all of his books need to be brought back into print."

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Dan_Luft said...

This is awesome news. William Ard is a name that is often mentioned but I've never seen any of his old books in stores. I never looked into him because I didn't know where to start.