Saturday, April 09, 2011

No Comment Department

Link via Dave Barry's Blog.


Deb said...

I'm sure any comment I could make would be better made by Carrie Fisher.

Jerry House said...

At last! Someone has grasped Pete Seeger's original concept.

Ed Gorman said...

You got a problem with Deb singin folk songs? Wait'll you hear her do rap.

In the sixties record companies made their older artists do covers of pop music. Tony Bennett did (and hated) Beatles covers, And Gogi Grant (remember her?) refused to do an album of Jefferson Airplane covers. She was dropped by her label. But can you imagine Gogi singing the famous Grace Slick refrain "Up against the wall motherfucker?" Now there's one I'd like to hear Debbie handle.

I have to say though this Hammer number is the most overproduced ludicrous piece of schmaltz I may ever have seen.i

Anonymous said...

What, you didn't love the choreography? It was fab, dahling. I especially enjoyed her swirling the skirt.

All I could think of was Carrie Fisher talking about how her father "comforted Elizabeth" Taylor after Mike Todd's death, "then he comforted her with his pen!s."


Deb said...

Re Ed's comments: Out on YouTube there's a clip of "One Toke over the Line" being sung on The Lawrence Welk Show. I suspect Welk hadn't the faintest idea of what that song was about.

Remember Bing Crosby's foray into "new" pop music: "Hey Jude, Hey Bing"? Not exactly "White Christmas."

Anonymous said...

If Pete Seeger goes to Hell, like a commie pinko should, he'll be watching this number for all eternity.