Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bayou City Noir

Bayou City Noir: The Photographs of Marvin Zindler: "It's a perfect story, with roots deep in the Houston Public Library archives: a famous Houstonian, a piece of microfilm, crime photographs from over a half-century ago, and an intrepid researcher digging up the dirt.

That famous Houstonian is none other than Marvin Zindler, and while the real story might not be as sordid as it sounds, it certainly sheds some light on a seldom-known past of the beloved journalist. 'Bayou City Noir,' the upcoming installation at Houston's Museum of Printing History, features a collection of Zindler's crime photography from the early 1950s, when he worked as a freelancer for the Houston Press."


Cap'n Bob said...

I love the second photo. Both cops have gaspers in their mugs and the woman has a frame drawn around her coif.

Bud said...

Yes, the second photo is a beaut! Would make great cover art for a noir paperback..exans