Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jack the Ripper Update

Did Jack the Ripper paint this? New painting by Walter Sickert emerges after 80 years


Cap'n Bob said...

Sickert was no more Jack the Ripper than you are. This is Patsy Cornwell's assinine conjecture and she needs to be shouted down for it.

Bill Crider said...

I'm in agreement with you on this, Cap'n.

Deb said...

Make it stop, please make it stop. Patricia Cornwell has too much money and too much time and not enough knowledge of art, history, and even how the British referred to each other in letters: One of her reasons for claiming that Sickert was J.T.R. was a letter Sickert's wife wrote from France referring to Sickert as "visiting his people." From this Cornwell inferred that Sickert had left France and travelled back to England, when what it actually meant was that Sickert had gone to another house in Paris to visit his family.

Sorry to ramble on, but Patricia Cornwell has a lot to answer for--especially since she was trying to destroy some of Sickert's paintings to capture his DNA.