Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do You Write Westerns?

Dear fellow Western Writers, Poets and Historians,

A good friend of mine would like to put out an anthology ofthe cowboy. So I said what do you want? She said short stories, real or fictional, historical articles about the west, western poems, cartoon, and even cover art. I'd like to limit them in size to not larger than 5,000 words max That's like 20 pages, We want unpublished works with first time North American rights to them. I'm not restricted to only frontier stories - you have a good story about something western try me. You can write funny stories that make me
laugh, send them. You write tough fiction send it.

Keep the cussing minimal, no erotica,. Also include a bio and small picture. You don't send one, I may write a stem winder of one you won't like.

If there is a market for such we will consider doing them more often. Don't
forget I also want cowboy poetry, cartoons. And if you do cover art try me.

If you are published in one you can buy copies of the issue at a good discount. If we hit a demand market, we will talk about paying for them. Right now it is get a good product out there and try like heck to sell them.

I'd like to make it easy to submit. If you have email, mark them as Cactus Country Publishing Anthology Entries. Either paste them in an email or I can open Word files. If I can't get them open I'll let you know.

Deadline August 1st. 2011.

Send to You can submit them by snail mail to Dusty Richards, PO Box 6460, Springdale AR 72766


Todd Mason said...

Even most low-budget little magazines pay in copies.

Charles Gramlich said...

Thankee for the heads up. I may be sending something your way.