Monday, January 17, 2011

Spam Comment of the Day

Got a great spam comment today. I deleted it from beneath the post where it appeared, but I couldn't resist putting it here for everyone to see. How could you not want to hire these people to write an essay for you after this demonstration of their amazing writing skills?

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Deb said...

Way back when this sort of thing was done by fax, my husband received one from a Korean company soliciting start-up revenue (something my husband neither had nor would be in a position to authorize). The entire letter was classic, but the last line--

We leave you, always with attitude to begin!

--made it one for the ages. We still use that phrase when we want to communicate optimism without much to back it up (as when buying Lotto tickets).

James Reasoner said...

I wish my website would grow by leaf and bounds.

William RainCrow said...

I have long held the idea of selling my services to spam authors as grammar checker. Heck, as language checker. I think I could make my fortune. However, no offers yet, alas.
I would imagine it would increase their returns, though.
Of course, it would leave them as annoying and remove the amusement factor. Sigh.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Reminds me of the instructions that come with Japanese plastic model kits.

Dan said...

When I was shopping my novel 'NADA around, I got a response from a "publisher" who went through the first 3 pages and corrcted all the grammatical errors... and offered to proof the rest for a fee.

I think they missed the point....