Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coming Soon to ESPN?

What's a Bigger Draw Than a Camel Fight? A Camel Beauty Contest, of Course - "Chariot, a 1,500-pound, single-humped camel with spittle hanging from his lips and pompoms in his tail, just won the first-ever beauty contest at Turkey's annual camel fighting competition.

According to the pageant's four stony-faced judges, Chariot had better muscle tone, prettier adornments and a more elegant tail wag as he strutted along a catwalk of rugs to the sound of Turkish pipes and drums last weekend. Plus, they said, he had exceptionally good teeth."

Hat tip to Art Scott.


Deb said...

On the whole, I'd rather watch a camel-fighting beauty contest than sit through the Miss America pageant.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

They can rename it the Z GAMES and throw in some races and waste a weekend.