Sunday, August 15, 2010

It Was 41 Years Ago Today

This Day in Music History Spotlight: The Calm before the Woodstock Storm: "When people think of Woodstock, raucous rock acts often come to mind. There’s The Who blasting through Tommy in the early morning hours, Santana cooking up Latin rock jams, and Jimi Hendrix making his guitar scream “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

So it’s easy to forget that the Woodstock Music & Art Fair (as it was formally called) began with a rather low-key first day, back on August 15, 1969."
Ernie Maresca -- "The Spirit of Woodstock"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me feel even older than usual, Bill.

That weekend we were upstate visiting my future in-laws (as we did most summer weekends before we were married), not all that far away in miles but very far away in spirit.

My brother was at the festival until the rain and mud drove him away.

*searches for geezer bus*


Dan said...

Those of us who have not forgotten being at Woodstock still remember it.

dan said...

Well, I wasn't actually at Woodstock, but a bunch of us slept out on my back porch that night and listened to the AM radio...