Thursday, November 11, 2010

a touch of tuesday weld: 1977: As Told By Some Magazine Covers

1977: As Told By Some Magazine Covers:


Deb said...

Jeez, I lived through those days and I don't remember wall-to-wall Donnie and Marie saturation. You'd think Disco never existed!

Bill Crider said...

Wouldn't it be pretty to think so.

Todd Mason said...

Well, any selection which includes ARCHERY (for the utter hell/cheesecake/awkwardness of it) isn't exactly representative...TIME certainly whored itself out to STAR WARS that year...but D&M were certainly doing well enough on television that year and you'll note that only the squarest of magazines cited, ARCHERY a little too hip for their room, had the Osmonds on them. Biggest surprise to me was that PHOTOPLAY lasted that long, and was clearly trying to split the difference between COSMO and might've thought that might work, but I guess not. (Hmm...1977...where's the January, 1978, AHMM, the magazine issue that probably more than any other led to my writing this in this forum right now? And PLAYBOY was very happy with disco that year...JET, probably, too.)