Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paging Barney Fife

Deputy in town for firearms training accidentally fires weapon in hotel room | KLEW CBS 3 - News, Weather and Sports - Lewiston, ID - Lewiston, Idaho | Local & Regional: "There were some anxious moments late Monday afternoon, as police responded to a frantic call from a desk clerk of shots fired at the Inn America on 21st Street.

It turns out, it was an errant shot from a revolver fired by a Bonner County deputy who's in town for firearms training.

Lewiston Police Captain Roger Lanier said the deputy was in his room practicing what are called dry firearm drills, but had not made sure the gun was unloaded."


Anonymous said...

That's exactly why Barney was only allowed one bullet, which he had to keep in his shirt pocket.


Gerard said...

Boneheaded move.

This is why a lot of people recommend you don't even have ammo in the same room you are dry-firing in.