Thursday, September 23, 2010

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DC Woman Evicted From Home Was A Hoarder: "An eviction in D.C. turned into a bigger job than anyone could have ever expected. The woman being kicked out is a hoarder. What was in her home was enough to fill ten houses. All of it wound up piled up on both sides of her street and a block down another.

It took a small army to move it all. A moving company hauled away about half of it. The city loaded up seven dump trucks and took the rest to a storage facility.

'I've never, never, never seen anything like this in my life,' said neighbor Rhonda Carter.

Furniture, old electronics, box after box of stuff by the thousands were piled up on both sides of the street for two blocks, stacked four feet high.

'My thought was maybe about 15 people had just gotten set out,' said Donnell Thompkins, who came by to visit his brother.

He soon learned this belongs to one woman, Eliose Diaz. She's jobless and was evicted from her 11th Street home for failing to pay rent.

'Im not going to throw it away because I collected this for a long time and its hard to collect it to throw it away,' said Diaz."


Stephen B. said...

Can you believe?

Hoarding; this is a common problem but seldom with such magnitude.

Cap'n Bob said...

Any paperbacks?

Stephen B. said...

Starting to see stories like this more and more. And at home, in Louisiana, we knew families that really follow this practice. There are rooms and you can't even walk in.

Paperbacks - I'd look too.