Friday, June 18, 2010

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

HPD Practices On Prisoners For Drawing Blood From Drunk Driving Suspects - Houston News Story - KPRC Houston: "Houston City Hall has nixed a plan to have HPD officers draw blood themselves from drunken drivers, and Local 2 Investigates found they practiced on state prison inmates in a psychiatric ward.

'This type of behavior on psychiatric inmates is very, very unethical,' said Houston civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen."

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Gerard said...

Eh. What's the big deal? The officers were there as part of a class and had a real phlebotomist there to supervise.

The blood drawing was done as part of patient intake. The could have done this at any medical facility. I doubt there were trying to pick on mental patients.

Why am I even commenting on this? I live in Wisconsin.