Monday, April 05, 2010

Will They Stop at Nothing?

Aliens are attacking our sheep, UFO experts claim | The Sun |News: "ALIENS are attacking our SHEEP, UFO experts chillingly claimed yesterday.

Fuming farmers have been waking up to find animals dead after seemingly being 'experimented on'.

UFO hunters who set up a special team to investigate are linking the mutilations - including the removal of sheep brains and eyes - to sightings of mysterious reddish orange lights in the sky."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.
Convincing photo at the link.


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced.

*gets tinfoil hat on*


Ed Gorman said...

As long as they aren't anal-probing them is all I care about. That should be reserved for Homer Simpson. I recently caught the episode where the aliens take him up to their ship and tell him they're going to give him the ole anal probe.

No way!
There's donuts.

Unknown said...

I love Homer!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those guys ain't aliens. They're two Kentuckians and one West Virginian. They just cut the brains and eyes out to cover up. If they would have examined the rest of the sheep, they would have seen the real holes they made . . .

Unknown said...