Wednesday, April 07, 2010

10 Acclaimed Authors Who Only Wrote One Book

10 Acclaimed Authors Who Only Wrote One Book | Online Degree "Acclaimed Authors Who Only Wrote One Book"

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Anonymous said...

Well, that's jsut idiotic. About half the authors on their list wrote more than one book.


Unknown said...

A failure of math.

Deb said...

John Kennedy Toole wrote another book, THE NEON BIBLE, which (like CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES) was published posthumously. The story of how it was published (including Walker Percy reluctantly siding with some of Toole's relatives, who wanted their share of the royalties under Louisiana's inheritance laws, against the express wishes of Toole's mother) is actually more interesting than the book itself.

Karin M said...

One of my pet peeves: "It is entirely possible that Emily *may* have gone on to create other novels . . .," says that we don't know whether she did. Yet the rest of the sentence, "but her poor health and the harsh climate she lived in shortened her life, and she died at 30 of tuberculosis" tells us she didn't. So she *might* have written more novels, had she lived.

And then "Unfortunately, she [Anna Seton] would not live to enjoy but a little of it as she died from hepatitis five months after her book was released" should read "would live to enjoy but a little of it."

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Todd Mason said...

Deb--surely more interesting than A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES, as well...hoo-boy forced throughout.

Yes, Plath and Wilde might not've written any other novels...but golly, You Didn't Write That, list failure folks at that website.