Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mother of Mercy! Could this be the End of the Pop Culture Mag?

Has Blogging Peaked? Facebook Posts, Twitter Tweets Growing, and Easier to Do - ABC News: "There is increasing evidence that the art of blog writing is losing ground to even faster forms of communication, from 140-character Twitter blasts to one-sentence status updates on Facebook and MySpace. Nielsen Media Research estimates that of the 126 million blogs counted by its crawlers, the vast majority are rarely – if ever – updated."


George said...

I'll stay loyal to your blog, Bill.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so, Bill.


Richard Robinson said...

Fine let them all go tweet &ct, leaving the blog world to those of us with interesting things to post, read and enjoy, such as this wonderful blog.

Patrick Murtha said...

I love being part of a form that I thought was fresh, but is apparently already passe: It suits me!

I'm serious, actually; I like the numbers in that article. Internet users under 30 are blogging far less, those over 30 quite a bit more. If the blogosphere winds up being a haven for the serious (which of course includes the seriously comic), that would be just fine with me.