Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Letter from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Letters of Note: Slaughterhouse Five: "In December of 1944, whilst behind enemy lines during the Rhineland Campaign, Private Kurt Vonnegut was captured by Wehrmacht troops and subsequently became a prisoner of war.
[. . . .]
Below is a letter he wrote to his family that May from a repatriation camp, in which he informs them of his capture and survival."


Todd Mason said...

Bill, did you look at the posthumous collection of Vonnegut short stories yet? It leads off, as I noted on FM, with a letter from Vonnegut to someone, in a middle-aged moment, I've forgotten, but references Walter Miller and a well-known architect and architectural critic as old buddies of his, in the course of discussing his relation to Knox Burger, whom Vonnegut followed, I gather, from COLLIER'S to Gold Medal.

Unknown said...

Yes, and I enjoyed some of the stories. I could see why some weren't published.

Todd Mason said...

Yes, the ones I've read in various magazines prior to publication of the collection were pleasant, not earthshaking, indeed...odd that they weren't placed. Haven't bought nor read through the book for the potential dregs yet.

David Cranmer said...

Very interesting indeed.