Saturday, January 09, 2010

Art Clokey, R. I. P.

'Gumby' creator and Los Osos resident Art Clokey dies - Breaking News - "Art Clokey, whose iconic Gumby entertained generations of children, died Friday morning.

Gumby – the slender, green clay character partly modeled after Clokey’s father – was a fixture on television through the decades, starting with an appearance on the “Howdy Doody” show in 1956. Through the years, the stop motion star made several comebacks, including a new show in the 80s, after a “Saturday Night Live” skit with actor Eddie Murphy made the character popular again. Throughout Gumby’s long run, Gumby toys – most notably, the bendable – have been a staple of toy stores everywhere.

Clokey, who lived in Los Osos, was 89."

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Karin M said...

A really original character, Gumby. And Pokey rhymes with Clokey.