Friday, November 06, 2009

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Police: Smell of pot sparks 12-hour SWAT standoff in gated Harris County community | | News: "A 12-hour standoff ended Thursday morning after police fired tear gas into a northwest Harris County home.

It all happened in a gated community in the 16000 block of Stoneside Drive. Police said they got a tip Wednesday night about the smell of marijuana coming from a home. When they arrived, investigators said a deputy confirmed the tip and knocked on the front door. The man inside did not answer.

Police then called a K-9 unit to the house. Investigators said the dog made two separate hits at the front door and the garage for drugs. Again, police said they got no response from the man inside.

Investigators secured a search warrant, and the HPD SWAT team was also called in to assist. The tactical team arrived around 2 a.m. Officers tried to contact the man over a loudspeaker and through a cell phone, but got no response after trying for two hours.

That’s when the officers fired the tear gas and the suspect came out."

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Good excuse to go Cop Hunting........