Monday, November 02, 2009

Just Looking

I seem to be watching a lot of coming-of-age movies these days, and this is another good one. As usual, I don't know who recommended it, but thanks to whoever it was.

It's 1955. Lenny's 14 and lives in the Bronx. His mother's recently remarried, and he hates his stepfather. He's also obsessed with seeing a man and a woman having sex. When he's sent to Queens to live with his aunt and uncle, he's not discouraged. He makes a new plan. He also meets a some kids his own age (a boy and two girls) who have a sex club. In 1955 that means they talk about sex. Lenny learns a lot. He also learns a lot from Gretchen Mol, who really shines in this movie.

You'll probably be way ahead of the plot, the movie's so good-hearted and funny that you won't care. As Judy pointed out, Lenny is exactly my age. I didn't live in the Bronx, and I didn't visit Queens, but I was 14 in 1955, and this movie gets it right. Judy and I both enjoyed it a lot.


Anonymous said...

That's "Gretchen Mol" with one l, not two. Given your literary tastes (and mine), the error is understandable.

Bill Crider said...

Thanks, Art. I'll fix it. Bettie Page would never forgive me.