Thursday, October 22, 2009


I've been watching Glee all season, though I missed an episode while we were at Bouchercon. I hadn't quite decided whether I could commit to it for the long haul, but I might have been won over last night. I mean, any show that uses Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" is okay in my book. Yes, that's right. I said it, and I'm glad. I'm a Neil Diamond fan! So there.


Anonymous said...

I agree, it's pretty good, though we record it and fast forward through the scenes with the fake-pregnant wife.

The main problem is, most of the "kids" are really in their 20's (mostly 23-27) so how long can they continue playing high schoolers?


Anonymous said...

Oh, and the episode you missed might have been the one where the wife gets a job as school nurse (no, she's not a nurse), which was nearly unwatchable. Or maybe the one where Sue tries to divide the "minorities" from the white kids to break up the glee club.

Either way, this week's was much better.


Todd Mason said...

I have been unable to muster any enthusiasm toward watching this, and their doing Diamond songs doesn't do anything to further that...I have been rather pleasantly suprised by EASTWICK and find THE GOOD WIFE pretty good, among the new series.

Millions of BoSox fans have to be a little bit wrong. And a little bit right.

Patti L said...

My mom's such a Neil Diamond fan that we just used to call him Neil around the house :).

Cap'n Bob said...

Admitting your problem is the first step to recovery, Bill. I'm sure that with a little time and patience you can be weaned off this terrible Neil Diamond affliction.

Unknown said...

Never. And now I'm going to listen to "Solitary Man."