Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep This Guy Off My Lawn!

Don't Drop Trou On My Lawn | NBC Connecticut: "It was a simple request: Don't defecate on my lawn. But shortly after making it, the head of homeowner Elias Ramirez of Bridgeport was met by a black plastic milk crate Saturday night, police told the Connecticut Post.

Gabriel Venegas, 34, was apparently the guy who unbuckled his pants and squat on Ramirez's lawn. When ordered off the property, he apparently became enraged, threw the milk crate and took off."


jj solari said...

venegas and ramirez: two conneticut families that go way back. i'm shocked to hear this.

jj solari said...

and for the record the spelling of conneticut was a typo. the lower case stuff though is intentional. and bill, your blog is all over my facebook. and this is your reward. i guess i'm back. who's gonna tell capt bob, you or me.

Todd Mason said...

JJ, you'd be surprised. I think folks were still playing jai alai in Connecticut when it had passed into obscurity nearly everywhere else. And had been longer than nearly anywhere else in the States. (Not as much a non sequitur as it might seem at first.)

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I've always associated jai alai with Miami.

I caught you on another post, JJ. Been rading your blog, too, lately. You must learn to loosen up and speak your mind.