Thursday, April 02, 2009

Robocroc, R. I. P.

Miami Metrozoo's Robocroc dead: American Crocodile that received metal plates and screws during reconstructive surgery has died at Miami Metrozoo -- South Florida "MIAMI-DADE COUNTY - An American crocodile that underwent so much reconstructive surgery with metal plates and screws that he was dubbed 'Robocroc' has died, according to NBC 6.

State wildlife officers found the severely injured, 10-foot long, male crocodile along a roadside in the Keys in December. The animal was brought to Miami Metrozoo where spokesman Ron Magill described the front part of his skull as 'shattered.'

During an extensive surgery on March 17, veterinarians used 4 metal plates, 41 screws and other materials to rebuild the reptile's skull."


Jerry House said...

I, for one, am looking forward to Robocroc II. You know it's coming -- once they start, there's no stopping 'em.

Cap'n Bob said...

Why? Why? Why?