Wednesday, April 01, 2009

An April Fool?

My grandfather, Cox Brodnax, was born on April Fool's Day. (He died on a Friday 13th.) He was nobody's fool, but he was quite a character. I think of him often, but especially on April 1. This photo of him was made in 1939. That's my grandmother in the background.


Anonymous said...

Did they live in Mexia, Bill?

John D

Anonymous said...

Jackie's father Lou, another real character, was also born April 1. Had he lived he'd have turned 90 today.


Unknown said...

Yes, he lived in Mexia.

David Cranmer said...

That's a great old photo Bill. I recently found some old photos of my family from the 1880s that I'm scanning into the computer to preserve.

Cap'n Bob said...

Great old photo. Gramps doesn't look to happy in the photo, however.

WV: Ingeldis. The language I no speeka.