Friday, March 20, 2009

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Ananova - School 'staged cage fights between pupils': "Teachers at South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas allegedly sent troubled students into a steel cage in a locker room to settle their differences.

The Dallas Morning News says the cage fights took place between 2003 and 2005 between pupils who wore no boxing gloves or head protection.

'It was gladiator-style entertainment for the staff,' said Frank Hammond who was fired from South Oak Cliff High School and has filed a whistleblower lawsuit."

Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the link.


Anonymous said...
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Todd Mason said...

Yowsa. Good to see that the run of school administrators hasn't necessarily improved since my bad old days...where I was encouraged to step into the boxing ring with boys I'd already beaten after they pushed me hard enough to Snap and take it out of their hides in the hallways. What I'd have to gain, having returned to sanity, was never actually spelled out...but the "Do you like Gladiator movies?" vibe was strong.

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Any chance of these people changing the name of South Oak Cliff to Thunderdome High?

Fred Blosser said...

Put the administrators in the cage and let the kids watch.