Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Say Let's Reboot Jack Buchanan's M.I.A. Hunter Paperback Series!

The Hollywood Reporter: Risky Biz Blog: 'Missing in Action' gets found again: "Of all the remakes of '80s action movies -- we're looking at you, 'Rambo' -- this one burrows deepest into our childhoods. MGM is working on a new take on 'Missing in Action,' that Chuck Norris vehicle in which he blazes his guns throughout Southeast Asia liberating prisoners of war (spoiler alert: He succeeds).

This version will be updated, like most of the new action reboots, to reflect current realities: The movie will be set in the current Iraq war and involve an action hero on a mission in the Middle East."


Anonymous said...

I say we finally get ole Jack to come out of the pen name closet and reveal himself to the world by writing a story where the MIA hunter turns a corner and, whoops!, finds a rabid dinosaur after him and escapes by flying in a hot air balloon and then gets eaten by a haunted hut.

- Lawrence

Jerry House said...

Great idea, Bill! Could cliff Banks' Tunnel Rats be far behind?

Ben Boulden said...

Imagine. HANOI DEATHGRIP becomes BAGHDAD BALLGRAB. I'd buy it. In a New York minute.


Gerard said...

On yet another aside, Library Journal was gushing over Block's upcoming nonfic book on walking.