Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Worst Chick Flicks

I've never seen any of these.


Gary Severance said...

I missed every one of these flicks. But I bet tears would roll down our faces if we watched the sappy movies.

Benjie said...

Aren't you glad Judy doesn't drag you to this stuff?

I must admit to having seen Runaway Bride -- not that I'd admit it though.

Fred Blosser said...

I haven't seen any of them. Watching MAMMA MIA (not on the list) was almost as painful as having fingernails pulled, but I think my wife liked it. Regardless I will defend to death the right of fans to view this stuff if they like. Bynes, Duff, Lohan, etc., are all charming young ladies. At least these films provide male viewers with eye candy if nothing else.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Runaway Bride too. And I am hardily sorry. I make no apology for Mama Mia though.

norby said...

You've really never seen any of them?

I'm cursed with family members who insist on making me watch chick flicks. Do they ever humor me and watch scary movies? Noooooo.

Bill Crider said...

I've really never seen a single one of them. I don't know why. I'm as surprised as anyone.

Donna said...

Why would you want to see them? Not because they're chick flicks, but they're BAD chick flicks.

I'm all for men seeing chick flicks, but stick to the good stuff. Of course, what's good is debatable.

Myself, I'll stick with the old stars:

Bette Davis in Now, Voyager and Mrs. Skeffington.

Barbara Stanwyck in Stella Dallas

Joan Crawford in The Women and A Woman's Face.

Greer Garson in Valley of Decision, Random Harvest, and Mrs. Parkington.

Kaye Francis in Confession and In Name Only.

Marlene Dietrich in Blonde Venus.

And of course the biggest chick flick of them all: Gone With the Wind.

There's even some war going on in the background for the male moviegoer. Of course, the real action is will Scarlett get Ashley Wilkes. And will she ever stop wasting the perfectly good Rhett Butler.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I never saw any of then, either, but I read Sweet November in the sixties. I admit I liked it.

WV: delisher. the most tasty.