Friday, February 06, 2009

This Time, Tennessee Leads the Way

Man competent enough to be declared insane :
Local News : Knoxville News Sentinel
: "A diagnosed schizophrenic accused of attacking Great Smoky Mountains National Park rangers is medicated enough to be mentally competent enough to be declared insane, according to a Thursday hearing."

Hat tip to Rusty Burke.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bill. I'm downing a xanax donut with my coffee right now in your honor. If my talkative side shows up, I'll post again with more. But right now I'm just annoyed that you picked Tennessee out this way. I mean, I know we're the state that votes Republican each year every year for the past couple hundred years or so but that doesn't mean we're all idiots or schizophrenics. We're the same state that threatened to pull any Republican's card if they didn't vote right down the party line and then when someone showed some political male genitalia swinging, the Repubs got mad and accused him of bogus sexual harassment charges. Jason Mumpower is a fool for doing so. He just showed how ugly the party is. Thank god we don't have any more Indians to kill or folks to enslave; he'd probably be doing so. And hey, what's with this, anyway, you think there's some Tennesse vs. Texas idiocy going on? Texas would win every time. You produced the Bush family and the village idiot galore, the village idiot for all time, and here's the rub: the SOB can't do a decent job of managing a baseball team (I mean, they are just about the worst of all time; perhaps excepting the Cubs; but, well, people love the Cubs, you know), and you Texans must have infiltrated the entire United States and voted him President! Not of the baseball team, but of the country! Hey, I hear my talkative side, coming . . .

He'll contact you soon.

- Lawrence.1

Unknown said...

We Texans prefer to think that GWB was born in Connecticut and went to college at Yale. Not a true Texans. Like Davy Crockett, all true Texans come from Tennessee.