Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Duncanville council member wants to re-evaluate red-light camera policy | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Breaking News for Dallas-Fort Worth | Dallas Morning News: "A Duncanville City Council member wants to re-evaluate how the city issues citations to red-light runners and make it easier for suspected violators to request a jury trial.

Paul Ford questions the nearly 45,000 citations issued in 2008 at four intersections monitored by cameras. Compared with Duncanville's population of 38,500, he said, the number of citations seems excessive."


Rusty said...

I haven't driven much in Duncanville, but when I lived in Houston I used to say that the rule was "If I saw the light when it was green, I can still go through the intersection." Frontage roads were especially bad. I remember sitting on cross streets and watching a dozen or more cars go through the intersection when *we* and not they had the green. And if you were *on* the frontage road and dared slow down when the light turned yellow, you might get rear-ended, because everyone knew that yellow meant "speed up," not "slow down."


Bill Crider said...

Nothing's changed, Rusty.

Fred Blosser said...

Not the great Paul Ford from SGT. BILKO?

Bill Crider said...

I guess not, but he'd be great in the movie.