Friday, February 20, 2009

How Close is that to Sumatra?

Giant rat caught in China - Telegraph: "A giant rat with one-inch-long teeth has been caught in the southern Chinese province of Fujian."

Photo at link.


Randy Johnson said...

I wonder how many Sherlock Holmes pastiches have used that line as a jumping off point. I know I have about five or six.

Charlie Stella said...

This could be any number of things:

1) A-Fraud's cousin sending a
message ...

2) A-Fraud's pet hamster (who also had a cousin in DR) ...

3) China's "Sammy the Bull"

Rick R. said...

Randy: the only one I know of that's a novel based on the reference Watson makes is by Richard L. Boyer. What are the others you have?

Bill: Inch-long teeth, eh? Any bigger and I would have thought it might be a beaver. But I guess the tail would be the giveaway.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

You know what that rat says?

"Heeeere kitty, kitty, kitty."

Toby O'B said...

One of the Rats Of Unusual Size from 'The Princess Bride'?

This would be the link from 'Princess Bride' to Sherlockiana, perfect for an "Incompleat Enchanter" type of novel....

Randy Johnson said...

Rick R., here's what I have:
1: Sherlock Holmes and The Giant Rat of Sumatra - Alan Vanneman
2: The Giant Rat of Sumatra(Baker Street Detectives)- Luke & Jake Thoene
3: Sherlock Holmes' Lost Adventure: The True Story of The Giant Rat of Sumatra - Laura Steinhauer
4: The Giant Rat of Sumatra - J. Ed Newman
5: From The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes: The Giant Rat of Sumatra - Daniel Gracely

I have the Boyer, novel as well, in two versions; the original paperback and a trade edition with a few shorter Holmes stories by Boyer.
There are several shorter stories in various collections and a book of a musical version(which I don't have).
I've even heard of the title used on a Hardy Boys book and a pirate story I think. I have neither of these so I don't know whether there's a Holmes connection or not.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Speaking of Holmes, I'm ging to see The Final Toast tonight, a Sherlock play written by Stuart Kaminsky. I hope it's worth the cost of the tickets.

WV: Ressese--my favrit aktivitee at skool.

Rick R. said...

Thanks, Randy!