Thursday, December 11, 2008

What to Carry in your BookSale Jump Bag

Hang Fire Books: Booksale Jump Bag: "Over the last few years of going to booksales, I've been developing a toolkit of essential and useful items to bring along. Here's the contents of my jump bag so far (more or less in order of importance)."

Link via Boing Boing.


Donna said...

I've been to my share of library book sales, but I've never felt the need for weaponry. Or Ninja moves.

Of course, I've never been one of those extremely annoying used-book dealers who elbow their way to the head of the line, run in, and start tossing books into cardboard boxes by the handful. Leaving me to make my way over to the table and hope to find a few titles I'm always on the look-out for.

Benjie said...

The hospital auxiliary here has a huge (make that HUGE, or even gi-normous) book sale event in early June. It's the type that, if you come early, you might want to come armed and have a well-equipped jump bag along, too.

Ya'll come!

Bill Crider said...

If it were closer, I'd be there.