Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And They've Never Had a Fight

Man lives with female robot | The Sun |News: "A BOFFIN too busy to find real love has INVENTED his idea of the perfect woman – a female ROBOT.

Inventor Le Trung, 33, created Aiko, said to be “in her 20s” with a stunning 32, 23, 33 figure, shiny hair and delicate features.

She even remembers his favourite drink and does simple cleaning and household tasks."


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

There's hope for Stilwell yet.

Anonymous said...


It must say something for this project that it is the only post of yours that my kids liked. :) In fact, they were enthralled with it. I thought my son would be interested in the archaeological stuff (stuff from a while back), but, nope, the robot got him. And my daughter was amazed. My wife, like adults are apt to do, I suppose, cast aspersions on this guys' sexual life. Me, I can empathize with his heart attack at thirty-three. While I was earning my Master's and working extremely hard, doctors told me I had to slow down. Weird how such things can get you.


Bill Crider said...

Thanks, Lawrence. If the kids liked it, there must be something to it. I wonder how this whole thing will work out over the years, though.

Librarian D.O.A. said...

Julie Newmar and Bob Cummings in "My Living Doll", anyone?

Bill Crider said...

Hard to forget Julie!