Monday, December 01, 2008

There's Good News Tonight!

Paris Hilton: I've finished my second album | In the studio, Music, Music Biz | Hollywood Insider | "Paris Hilton may not be dating a rocker anymore, but she still has music on her mind. The celebutante caught up with backstage at last week's American Music Awards and told us that she has finished her second album, featuring production by Mike Green (Paramore, the Matches), and is deciding what to do next, now that she’s no longer at Warner Bros. Records. “I wrote all the songs,” Hilton beamed."


Anonymous said...

I thought you said "Good news."



Cap'n Bob said...

A triple threat: she writes, she sings, she records. Thanks for the warning.

Word Verification: subies. People of below-average ability. How appropriate for a post about Paris Hilton.

Unknown said...

Will the persecution never end?

Anonymous said...

You know you love it, Bill.

Unknown said...

Well, maybe.