Friday, December 05, 2008

Peru Update (Lost City Edition)

Lost city of 'cloud people' found in Peru - Telegraph: "The settlement covers some 12 acres and is perched on a mountainside in the remote Jamalca district of Utcubamba province in the northern jungles of Peru's Amazon.

The buildings found on the Pachallama peak are in remarkably good condition, estimated to be over 1,000 years old and comprised of the traditional round stone houses built by the Chachapoya, the 'Cloud Forest People'.

The area is completely overgrown with the jungle now covering much of the settlement but explorers found the walls of the buildings and rock paintings on a cliff face."


Anonymous said...

Man, this is the stuff of Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1940s and 50s adventure pulps and the like. Nothing like a Lost City to get the blood racing. If they found any jade idols I hope they didn't try to bring them back to the local museum...

Unknown said...

Yeah, I love this kind of stuff!