Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Okay, Get Ready

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Wow! Joe's short stories brought me into his world. I can't remember the first one I read (I've got it printed off and in this room somewhere . . .), but it was this brilliantly bizarre, sick, but life-enobling story about, believe it or not, a man that pays a black man on the sly to slip into an elephant tent and get high on elephant s**t fumes and have dreams of Africa. I've been reading him ever since. I've already pre-ordered this one. Here's what Joe's posted on his site about this one:

11/20/08-Champion Joe says, "March of 2009 is the tentative release date for Sanctified and Chicken-Fried: The Portable Lansdale, one of the most important short story collections I've done, and the first printing is only 1500 in clothbound. It will go fast. It's from the University of Texas Press and I want to alert readers of this site first, to give them a chance to get a jump on the order for the collection. It contains a wide variety of stories by me, never arranged in this manner; novel excerpts; and a brand new story of the 1930s. And if that isn't enough, it has a nifty introduction by Dr. Bill Crider. And what a cool cover." Click here to see that cover, and the covers of the Vintage editions of the Hap & Leonard books!


New Lansdale is not to be missed.


All the best,