Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check This Out (Written B.I., of course)

POE'S DEADLY DAUGHTERS: Deep in the Heart of Texas: "Bill Crider is the author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery series set in small town Texas. The 15th book in the series, Of All Sad Words, came out in February. Bill is a master at making his home state feel alive for readers. Publishers Weekly said, 'Crider expertly evokes this small Texas town and its eccentric cast of characters.

Bill has also written four other mystery series, several stand-alone mystery and suspense books, a number of westerns, some horror novels, several books for younger readers, and so many short stories I kept losing my place trying to count them all. He's a native of Mexia, Texas. The town's second most famous citizen--after Bill, of course--is the late Anna Nicole Smith."


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

what are your western books?

Benjie said...

Loved the article, Bill. Now I'm homesick.

Rusty said...

Here's a list of Bill's westerns, from his website:

Western Novels:
Ryan Rides Back, M. Evans, l988
Galveston Gunman, M. Evans, l989
A Time for Hanging, M. Evans, 1989
Medicine Show, M. Evans, 1990
Outrage at Blanco, Dell, 1999
Texas Vigilante, Dell, 1999

All are outstanding -- if you like his Dan Rhodes books, you'll like the westerns.


Doc Quatermass said...

Very nice. Thanks for the list of westerns, Randy. I've a fairly updated list of the mysteries but haven't gotten round to researching the Westerns. The county library has a couple of the Westerns and I'm to the point where the sheriff Dan books they have are large print which runins your eyes for a while for regular print books.

Sadly, I think I was in my mid-40s when I first heard of The Big Texan Steak Ranch. If I was about 20 years younger I'd come down there and open up a can of whoop as on that meal. A couple of years ago Leno had on a husband and wife eating champion couple who cooked up two 72 ounce pot roasts and ate them with all the side trimmings (baked potato, sallad and roll) to make sure they could do it (eat the complete meal in an hour's time) before they went and got their certificate. She was a tad zaftig, but he was beanpole skinny.

Never made it to the now defunct Mustang ranch in Nevada, either. That ain't much up to the task anyway either. :-(

Cap'n Bob said...

Hey, they stole my line about you being the second-most famous person from Mexia. Ah, the curse of genius.

Doc Quatermass said...