Thursday, September 18, 2008

James Crumley, R. I. P.

Missoulian: Local author James Crumley dies at 68: "Missoula author James Crumley, 68, died Wednesday afternoon at St. Patrick Hospital after many years of health complications.

When he died, Crumley was surrounded by family and friends, including his wife, Martha Elizabeth, and Missoula author and county emergency services director Bob Reid."

Damn.  So long, Cousin Jim.


Richard Moore said...

I saw him at several conventions, the most recent the little con in Austin two or three years ago. He was slowed by his various ailments but seemed to enjoy himself and it was great fun hearing him hold forth. Glad to have had the chance to tell him how much I enjoyed his work. His best was quite good indeed.

Richard Moore

Anonymous said...

A real example of a writer's writer. How much more does a man's death diminish me? God bless, James.

- LM

Anonymous said...

Crap. Crap. Triple crap.

That is sad news.

David Jack Bell said...

Damn. THE LAST GOOD KISS is an amazing book. Lousy news.

Cap'n Bob said...

Sad indeed. I wonder if someone could tell the story of his oatmeal speech to the cozy crowd.

David Terrenoire said...

He was one of those writers it was a pleasure to read, and a joy to meet.

I'll always remember his answer to a question about writers' groups.

He said, "I don't let anyone read my manuscript that can't write a check."

One of the last great characters.

Adios, Jim.