Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Rosharon is a few miles from Alvin. I often drove through there when I was teaching at the prison units. Nolan Ryan's ranch is outside of town, on the way to the Ramsey Units.

Pig goes hog-wild for pizza and cow-herding (w/video) | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle: "ROSHARON — Call her Squeaky the Wonder Pig, or the cowpig or a 385-pound guard pig. But most of all, call her when it's time for pizza.

Squeaky is clearly no ordinary pig.

The pet and partner of Mike Veara, manager of Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan's China Grove Ranch in Brazoria County, she herds cows, eats pizza and greets most visitors to the ranch.

'And she's a wild pig,' Veara said. 'You never see a feral pig like that.'"


Joan Reeves said...

Wow. I'm just so proud of all these claims to fame. Got a picture of a 14ft. gator to send you, Bill. My nephew caught it. In Louisiana. Another proud state.

Unknown said...

Wow. Did he catch it barehanded?

Joan Reeves said...

No. The common way they hunt gators in my home state involves a coffee can, a long length of rope, and a raw chicken.

Unknown said...

Okay, you'll have to fill me in when you send the photo.

Cap'n Bob said...

Sounds like the way they capture elephants with tweezers, a coffee can, a sign that says "Elefant's Watering Hole," and a pair of binoculars.