Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Idea Whose Time Has Come (and Possibly Gone)

Cher ... the next Catwoman?: "Cher is reportedly in talks to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie.

At 62, the Oscar-winner would be the oldest actress to fill the catsuit, following Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.

But the new Catwoman, 'will be the absolute opposite of Michelle Pfieffer and Halle Berry's purring creations,' a studio exec tells Britain's Telegraph newspaper.'

Cher is reportedly director Christopher Nolan's top choice to play the role."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Fred Blosser said...

Indeed, Cher used to be a sex symbol. That was about 30 years ago, well before the time of today's average Batman fan. I suspect this "news" was planted by an admirably optimistic but tragically deluded Cher PR team.

Cap'n Bob said...

As I replied to Jeff M's announcement, it looks like Catwoman is down to her ninth life.

Anonymous said...

This has to be a scientific attempt to test the gullibility of the public. Cher is being held together by parafin, rebar and welding hods. she couldnt play aardvark woman much less catwoman.