Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Terror


Fred Blosser said...

I saw it in the neighborhood movie theater on a double bill with THE HAUNTED PALACE. If memory serves, it was a week or so after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Todd Mason said...

THE BOREDOM, alas, would've been a better title. Though I believe the Nicholson kid with whom I went to high school came out of the marriage inspired by onset romance here.

Funny you should mention assassination, as the much better film TARGETS (Peter Bogdanovich's first feature, wherein he was lucky enough to dally with Nancy Hseuh and give Boris Karloff his last decent role) features clips from THE TERROR as the supposedly new, last film of the thinly disguised Karloff analog Karloff plays. For all its youthful exuberance and goofy edges, this is probably my favorite PB film, though I certainly dug some of his other early work as a kid (THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, PAPER MOON, WHAT'S UP, DOC?).