Friday, July 11, 2008


Police answer call of family fight, find marital bliss instead | | The Star Press: "NEW CASTLE — A report of a family fight Wednesday afternoon in New Castle didn't turn out to be what police expected.

A nine-year-old girl called 911 after she awoke from a nap and heard her mother screaming. She went to her mother's bedroom and thought her mother was being attacked.

Turns out, her parents were just enjoying marital relations."

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Doc Quatermass said...

I keep telling wifey she has to tone it down or we will have the local constabulary at the door. Of course, if the neighbors are smart they'll know from the the melodious tone it isn't a beating.

I have a folder of humor kid's book covers, one jpeg is the Berenstain Bear kids in bunk beds both awake and looking concerned with the title, "Why Is Mommy Moaning."