Saturday, June 14, 2008


I wasn't expecting too much from Rambo, but this sucker moves! It's not much more than 80 minutes long, but it's got enough violence and action for two movies. And when I say violence, I mean raw, visceral, terrible, brutal stuff. From what I've read about Burma in the last few years, it's probably not to far off the mark, either.

A lot was said recently about Harrison Ford being too old to play Indiana Jones now. Sylvester Stallone can't be much younger than Ford, yet here he is, playing an action hero who goes through a lot more than Indy ever did, and playing it as convincingly as if he were thirty years younger.

The plot's simple. Missionaries want to go into Burma from Thailand. They ask Rambo to take them. He doesn't want to. He tells them they can't change anything. He relents. They're captured. Mercenaries are hired to get them out. Rambo goes along. Chaos ensues. If this is the kind of thing you like, believe me, you'll like this.


jj solari said...

bein' a dago myself i can get away with sayin' i aint had nuthin ta do with this fop wop since he sold a fantastic bougerreau painting of the madonna and child just because his "art advisor" said it was just not the thing to be collecting these days. but based solely on this unbelievably favorable review i'm gonna see the dilapidated lazy-voiced dolt again

Anonymous said...

Getting rid of anything to do with the Madonna and child has sort of upped my opinion of him, which wasn't that high. Joe

Craig Zablo said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie!