Friday, June 13, 2008

Old Time Radio

If you like OTR, you'll love this site. Lots of programs you can listen to, or, if you're so inclined, download.


Doc Quatermass said...

What no tip of the hat, Curley?

Jack Benny: What time is it?
Phil Harris: I don't know. The big hand is straight down and the little hand is bent over.
Jack Benny: That's 6:15. For heaven's sake, why don't you learn to tell time?
Phil Harris: I tried to, but it keeps changing.

Bill Crider said...

Here's a belated hat tip, and thanks for the other links. I need to do an EQMM column on OTR links.

Todd Mason said...

Bill, you're just discovering this one? I think I ran it through FM2 a year or so back, but might not've advertised it further. It's convenient as all get out, but the audio quality of many of the episodes archived here is very poor (others are fine). "But how much did you pay to get in..."

Todd Mason said...

You might also want to deal with and the other tv/film streaming sites. I've been listening to/reacquainting myself to the the episodes of PEACEMAKERS and LIFE over the last several days at work, in place of some of my more usual public radio auditing.

Patrick Reumann said...

Check out the old time radio section of the Internet Archive for more OTR programs.