Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Judy and I will be toddling off to MD Anderson again this morning. Judy will have an MRI, not one of her favorite things, mainly because she becomes more claustrophobic every time she has one, and this will be the fourth in less than a year. About 15 years ago, Judy had a long and complicated surgery to remove a benign meningioma, and the MRI is just to make sure it hasn't returned. We don't think it has, but these days everything gives us a little scare.


Fred Blosser said...

Hang in there. Precaution is always good ... and even better when it results in good news.

Todd Mason said...

I take it no open MRI is within contractual or reasonable geographic access...the one time I've been so unforntunate as to need one, I was lucky enough to have an open MRI at hand.

As Fred said, may there be a clean bill (as opposed to a Clean Bill, which I'm sure can be relied upon).

Randy Johnson said...

I sympathize with Judy on the MRIs, having been through a few of them myself. I have faith the news will be good and you folks can rest easy for a while.

Bill Crider said...

For some reason MD Anderson has no open MRI. We haven't found one nearby that accepts our insurance.

Doc Quatermass said...

Relax and visualize an open meadow or tropical beach. Works for me.
Although if I let the jackhammer pounding distract me, I turn big and green and wreck the lab.

I try to practice daily periods of visualizing a blue light filling the body from the head down to toes nourishing and healing every cell and atom, every system and structure to help with the pain I've had since I was 13. Has also helped lessen severity of asthma attacks before they put me on Advair.

Good thoughts beamed your way for the tests as well as everyday.