Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gator Update (Sinkhole Edition)

Daisetta sinkhole becomes private pool for 7-foot gator | - Houston Chronicle: "DAISETTA _ Workers standing on the rim of a giant sinkhole that formed last week in this Liberty County town gasp and point as the water inside the cavity starts to ripple.

The first thing visible is a long snout. Then the creature begins to undulate through the water, with its muscular tail and back forming two humps, before vanishing beneath the surface as quickly as it appeared.

Sightings of a 7-foot alligator, although rare, have been reported since shortly after May 8 when the ground collapsed a block from the high school and fire station."

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Anonymous said...

Consider this sinkhole mystery solved. Though some sink holes are caused by careless deeds of people, or maybe other natural and explainable causes. Many of the circular sinkholes occur because of a solid object that was once there in no longer in place. Many Ancient Crafts having long since settled undetected below surface are now of a rejuvenated, quickened and accelerated state, have simply been plucked and vanished from one place to appear in a higher place.

Some such Crafts had long since settled just beneath earth’s surface, some very deep below. The barrier of their cloaking field kept them undetected.