Thursday, December 20, 2007

Croc Update Update

Crocodile vet's arm back where it belongs | The Australian: "EIGHT months ago, Taiwanese veterinarian Chang Po-yu's severed forearm was in the jaws of a sick crocodile he had been trying to treat .

Yesterday, Mr Chang continued his rehabilitation towards regaining the use of his hand.

The zoo worker had his forearm reattached by surgeons after his colleagues recovered the severed limb from the mouth of the 200kg Nile crocodile.

The crocodile, named Chu Chu, severed Mr Chang's forearm at the Shaoshan Zoo in the southern city of Kaohsiung when the veterinarian tried to retrieve a tranquilliser dart from the reptile's hide."


Anonymous said...

That is totally amazing. And thanks for the update Bill. I saw a "2007 review in pictures" and the croc with an arm in it's mouth made the list, and so I wondered what ever happened to that poor guy. Both the vet and the crock. lol So I googled it, and lo and behold, found your update. So once again, thanks for satisfying a curious mind. And good luck on your next book. Take care, Michele

Unknown said...

Thanks, Michelle! Glad I had the info you were looking for.