Sunday, November 04, 2007

Preview of Coming Attractions from Richard Helms

And just as a meaningless aside, I wrote my MA thesis on Frank Norris. I've read McTeague several times.

Just wanted to drop by to let everyone know that the second issue of The Back Alley ( ) will go live in a little over one week.

We're very excited about this issue. The feature author this time around is Keith Gilman, the winner of the PWA/St. Martin's Best First PI Novel. Also appearing is Megan Powell, editor of Shred of Evidence Ezine; Bryon Quertermous, editor of Demolition ezine; Warren Bull, a psychologist and novelist from Kansas City; and John Weagly, a playwright and actor from Chicago. We have a wonderful historical/analytical piece from Jess Nevins, and the first installment of a serial edition of Frank Norris's early naturalistic/noir novel McTEAGUE.

For those of you interested in submitting to The Back Alley, we are now paying the MWA minimum $25 per story, and hope to be listed as an MWA qualified publisher sometime next year.

For the next week, please do drop by and check out the first issue of The Back Alley, featuring Stephen D. Rogers, G. Miki Hayden, Jack Bludis, John Lau, and the first published story by Eric Shane. If you missed the first issue, it will be archived in pdf format on subsequent issues, for your downloading and reading pleasure.

Hope to see you there when we debut Issue Two of The Back Alley!

Richard Helms ?

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